Wednesday’s “We’d Hit That…”

I feel bad I haven’t written anything in a week. But I’m sort of worn out from doing a terrible musical verison of “It’s a Wonderful Life” and working at my stupid job. So without much fanfare I give you this weeks WWHT … A hottie with a delicious bod by the name of Michael Fitt …


Gorgeous … but obviously aware of it. He does private shows from his webpage and also will sell you his underwear. Weird.


Wednesday’s “We’d Hit That”

You never know what your gonna find trolling around the internet.  I was suprised to find some hot stills from a television series called “Seven Days” which led me to pick this week’s Wednesday’s “We’d Hit That”

Jonathan Lapaglia


Jonathan’s brother Anthony may be more famous than he is, but this brother scored higher in the looks department.


Jonathan was originally cast as Bryan March on the pilot of “Brothers and Sisters” … the character’s name would later be changed to Kevin Walker and Jonathan would be replaced by Matthew Rhys.  I love Matthew Rhys but finding the following photos made me have the slightest tinge of loss ….


I know they are awful .. but you can still see what an amazing body Jonathan has.  Totally would have been hot to see him get busy with Jason Lewis, that hot preacher guy (which reminds me I need to figure out who that guy was cause he could totally fill a WWHT) and Scotty.


These are stills from the series “Seven Days” … which I was not able to find on Netflix.  But I did find the video on Youtube here.  And another here.  Here’s to hoping Jonathan finds a steady job on a new show that let’s him show off his many talents.  Isn’t it time for a new cop on a Law and Order?  Or perhaps another narcissitic doctor on Nip/Tuck?

Disillusioned …

There is no “us” in Government … but there is a “M-E”, and it’s those two letters and their need to be capitalized, bolded, underlined and italicized that have me sick to my stomach.  Well maybe I shouldn’t say their need, but rather many political officials DESIRE to have them emphasised that has my stomach turning.  Is there anyone that can be trusted in our huge political machine?  Or more importantly … anyone who matters?

Illionis Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested today on charges that he “brazenly conspired to sell or trade” President-elect Obama’s Senate seat.  Those of you not familiar with the way politics work (and who the fuck really is these days) it is the Governor’s duty … privilege … right … responsibility (?) to appoint someone to fill Obama’s vacant Senate seat since he got the ultimate of promotions.  But he decided to either give it to himself or raffle it off for personal gains for him and his wife.  I don’t claim to know all the ramifications but it would seem that perhaps now the decision could potentially fall to someone who is not GUARANTEED to fill it with another Democrat.  And with a government so close to finally being in the position to make progress it seems like such a slap in the face to all Democrats … and I must say to all those who believed in Obama’s message for change.

Obama has already been cleared of any involvement in this wrong doing (or so the news is reporting) but as story after story of corrupt politician piles up on our daily news trackers I can’t help but wonder if we’ve all fallen for the line of just another greasy politician out for himself.

Now I am not really one to be rocked by a sex scandal.  I think that sexual freedom is a very important right in the our country andwhat two people do behind closed doors is their own business.  Two consenting adults are all that are required, and if Governor McGreevy’s wife didn’t want to have a three-way with their driver she should have said No.  I do however have a moral issue with cheating.  My dad was a cheater, and I really can’t look at cheaters with any level or respect.  If you are unhappy you need to get out of the situation you are in that is making you unhappy before you start dipping your toe in warmer vaginas … I mean waters.  Well in McGreevy’s case I mean butts.

One things that does bother me about sex scandals is all the Republican “Focus on the Family” – “vote no on Gay rights issues” types getting busted offering blow jobs etc. in public places.  Like Sen. Larry Craig.  Let me tell you 3 things Mr. Craig… #1 If you drop toilet paper in a public restroom you let it lie.  Even if it was the last piece.  You may get some more by nicely saying to the person in the stall next to you “I’m sorry I seem to be out of paper.  Could you please pass me some?” not by rubbing your foot up their leg.  #2 The only place that foot tapping in a men’s restroom doesn’t mean anything is at the backstage john of a production of 42nd Street … anywhere else it’s a signal and #3 If you were truly NOT guilty why would you ever plead guilty???  That is not the action of an honorable innocent man.  But don’t worry Mr. Craig … you aren’t alone.  Florida State Rep. Bob Allen offered an undercover cop $20 to give him a blow job.  God you people are idiots!!!  Don’t you know how many people will let you blow them for FREE!!!  Bobby Allen’s defense was “black gay panic”.  Apparently the guy was so scarred that he WASN”T going to get a piece of chocolate eclair that he pinned the cop in the stall and finally offered him $20.  You do all realize that these are the people voting against legislation that affords homosexual citizens equal rights … right?  And all the while these guys are screaming they aren’t gay.  Well I hate to tell you this but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and sucks dick … it’s gay.

Then there’s Alaska … it’s Senator not reporting gifts properly … it’s Governor (and VP candidate for the GOP) firing a sheriff for not firing her ex brother in law and the whole wardrobe fiasco (which who really cares about the clothes other than the lack of honesty).  There’s New York and it high price call girl loving Governor.  There’s affairs with interns, inappropriate sexual chats with interns and murder of interns (who in there right mind wants to be an intern in Washington anymore?!?!)

It’s enough to make one loose hope.  Can one fight against political corruption?  Can one be a beacon of change?  Perhaps Obama’s inexperience is in fact his greatest asset.  Having not been a cog in the Washington machine for long, perhaps he has yet to be corrupted.  I hope that he hasn’t.  We desperately need it.  We also need the rest of Washington to take a look at themselves and decide who they are and give us a chance to decide if we are okay with our Senators giving blow jobs in airport bathrooms.  I mean it’s kinda dirty, but personally I’d vote for someone who admitted it long before I’d stand behind someone who got caught doing it and then proceeded to insult my intelligence by saying he had simply dropped some toilet paper.

Patience …

I have been eagerly awaiting the film version of one of my favorite books in recent years …


For a book that made waves by having the movie rights purchased BEFORE it was published … it sure is taking it’s sweet time getting to the big screen.  (Just another reason for me to dislike Angelina Jolie)

The movie stars Rachel MacAdams … whom I adore and super Aussie Hottie Eric Bana.


Few screen shots have found there way to the web.  These are the same shots put out MONTHS ago … and still no release date.  Once rumored for December 2008 … it’s now all 2009 with an ominous question mark.

However,  while sniffing around the Internet today I did come across a RATING release for the film!!!  The Time Traveler’s Wife will receive a PG-13 rating for adult content, language and NUDITY!!!!

That’s right folks prepare yourself for some Eric Bana butt as it is going to be posted on the big screen at least twice.  If you haven’t read the book one of the conceit’s of Bana’s role (the titular mentioned Time Traveler) is that he can not take anything with him when he jumps around in time … including the clothes on his back.


Troy was just a preview …. hmmmmmmm.

I strongly recommend reading the book.  It really is a beautiful moving love story, made all the more enticing on the big screen by Eric Bana’s butt.  (I can only assume that if Eric was giving the full monty the film would have earned an R rating.  So I don’t have my hopes up.  I think the most we can hope for is a running in darkness shot like we got of Hugh Jackman in X2.)

A Fine Example

TV was ruined for me by the Writer’s Strike.  All the shows I use to love and work my schedule around have for the most part gone unwatched since the shortened season last year.

I did however catch tonight’s episode of “Brothers and Sisters” … one of my favorite shows before the strike.  It still has a great pull.  Mind you I don’t really know everything that has happened since the episode where Nora Walker called in to bitch out the conservative radio talk show host with Kevin and Kitty … I do know somethings.  Like the fact that Kevin and on again off again love interest Scotty got married in season two’s finale.

Something that was actually legal for gay men around the time the episode was written and aired.  It was really nice to see these two grappling with issues that until now have been strictly earmarked for the heteroes … like power of attorney, loved ones being in the hospital and the news that Kevin is the biological father of brother Tommy’s daughter.  It was so nice to have one gay partner in the hospital and the other get to stay with them without the defiant “I’m not going anywhere” speech usually delivered to the unfortunate actress who gets to deliver the “Visiting hours are now over” line. 

And as these images played out the sky did not crack open and the devil did not crawl out of the ground and eat innocent children.   Hmmmmm….  I can only say that I hope the images of what’s to come are a bit askew and that Kevin and Tommy WON”T butt heads over Elizabeth’s paternity … and that Tommy’s wife and Kevin won’t be having sex.  Please don’t ruin the good thing you’ve got going B&S!!!  We desperately need this example of two MARRIED gay men living their lives and facing the battery of everyday struggles without the overprocessed drama.  And the whole female seduction of a gay man thing is so Mormon Conversion camp … and I doubt John Robin Baitz (the show’s creator) would take it in that direction were he still around.  Hollywood is general sympathetic to the plight of the homosexual so don’t sell us out like that.

But before I get too preachy let me just say … I still love Scotty and Kevin and gush a little each time they are on screen.


Wednesday’s “We’d Hit That”

Today is December 3rd .. at this hour I have now had Internet access in my apartment for 24 hours.  So there’s no need to explain why this week’s “We’d Hit That” is a little more frisky than usual.

Czech adult film star Pavel Novonty


This tasty morsel has appeared in “movies” for Bel Ami, Jet Set Men, U.S. Male and more … under several different names.  (Jan Dvorak, Max Orloff, Jaroslav and Jakub Moltin)


No reason why to explain he gets this spot this week.  He’s built like a brick shit house and hung like the Mona Lisa in the Louvre … no need to add “shirtless” to your google search for this one.  You’d be hard pressed to find one with his shirt on.


Ahhh … It feels so nice to not be restricted by the wiener rule.  Although I just agreed to WordPress’ terms and services … so I have no idea if I’ll lose the blog for showing nudity.  To air on the side of safety I won’t put wiener on here … but fortunately google isn’t as shy as I am in that regard.

Wednesday’s “We’d Hit That” …

Few people went to see the Amanda Bynes vehicle “She’s The Man” for it’s contribution to the cinematic cannon.  Even fewer people bought it on DVD for it’s modernization of the Shakespeare classic “Tweflth Night”.  Most people saw that movie for the same reasons I did.  The hot soccer boys who appear shirtless at great frequency through out the film.

I am not a sports guy by any means … I can only really stomach watching baseball.  But if all the soccer fields were littered with guys like Christian Ronaldo … uhm I’d be getting some season tickets.  Christian is this Wednesday’s “We’d Hit That”

Soccer Euro 2008 Portugal Turkey

In case you haven’t noticed by now … I’m all about the tall dark and handsome … well tall isn’t all that important, but dark features and a killer body like Christian’s make me go weak.


Break out the shin guards … if you know what I mean!  There are some rumors that this hottie is bi-sexual.